Our factory is located in Codogné in the province of Treviso

Raw material

The arrival of the raw material constitutes the start of the production chain.

Quality controls through internal laboratories allow us to test the conformity of all raw materials.


One of the unquestionably most delicate phases in the production of wooden floors, we can proceed with drying using traditional hot air systems or taking advantage of the most modern and fast vacuum systems.

In both cases the goods are subjected to a meticulous hygrometric adjustment cycle after each artificial drying cycle.


Even this operation, although banal and obvious in the world of wood, is entrusted by us to the most qualified personnel who have the task of evaluating the geometry of the element and its natural deformation to then proceed with conscious and effective mechanical processing to obtain always optimal yields.

Cutting sheets

Thanks to decades of experience in cutting slats, we are able to optimize wood yields by reducing the thickness of the slats to a minimum, guaranteeing absolutely perfect cut quality.

Birch cutting

Carried out with dedicated machinery, designed and built solely for our needs, this operation allows operators to view every single sheet of plywood and therefore identify defects that would otherwise not be found with traditional package cutting systems.


Excellent bonding begins with calibration, since the surfaces that come into contact must be perfectly adherent, free of depressions and treated with abrasives that allow the correct absorption of the adhesives. For this reason, each single layer is calibrated with machinery whose tolerance is centesimal.


Focal center of LT production, the gluing lines were created to address the flexibility required by the market but also the large production capacity that makes us one of the most competitive industrial companies in the parquet market.

In all cases, the quality of the glues used and the performance of the production systems allow us to offer a product capable of exceeding the most severe gluing standards.


Maximum precision in the processing of the joints is made possible thanks to a final grinding before profiling using sanders.

To this we also add rustication or brushing (if desired) whose intensity is determined by the customer’s needs and made possible thanks to the combination of the number and type of brushes used.


It is the workmanship that defines the technical quality of the product. Using numerically controlled machines we create extremely precise joints capable of guaranteeing maximum flatness in the laid flooring.

We can offer joints suitable for floating or non-floating floors; in any case, all the elements coming out of the systems are fitted together and tested to guarantee the desired precision.

The profiling systems are also equipped with special printouts that allow you to customize all the elements via writing or graphic symbols.


A latest generation UV drying system allows you to create the desired finishes and colors. The great flexibility also allows you to customize the finishing cycle by adopting the products or paint manufacturers desired by the customer


Maximum expression of customization, we are able to provide customer-specific packaging using customized materials and packaging.

Each individual package is then accompanied by a product sheet and a label identifying the goods contained. The packages can also indicate a destination to allow shipment directly to the construction site.

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