Our collections

Our collections

Collections of wooden floors to enhance our creative nature. This is the first strength of Tecnik Wood.
To fuel the flame of our vital peculiarity we have voted all of our being to research and development.
Our laboratories are a continuous ferment of experiments, reasoned yes, but also daring.

Never take anything for granted, never lose the enthusiasm and the taste for creative and technical innovation: this animates and distinguishes us. We continuously invest in human capital and know-how to give you something unique, collections of wooden floors in perfect harmony with nature that is never the same as itself, in perfect harmony with wood that is never the same as itself.

We work in very close synergy and complicity of intent with Architects and Designers to always find new and beautiful creative expressions: we are hungry for experimentation.
We offer you wooden processes and never before seen, beautiful, unique and unrepeatable finishes.

Dedicated to the most demanding, offers a collection of planks available in various formats; with the possibility of carrying out any work today possible on the parquet world and associated with the 12 available colors, they make infinite combinations.

Composed of stratified element in two-layer, available in 3 widths, 2 thicknesses and 5 colors. A collection with a great value for money.

Composed of stratified element in two-layer, available in 2 widths, 2 thicknesses and 12 colors. A collection with a great value for money.

A collection inspired by the nature of the forest and its primary workings, thus leaving the sawmill cut and treating the table with artisan grouting and finishing systems.


Prefinished floors general features

Prefinished two layers

Prefinished three layers

Sample colour

Sawn effect

Herringbone 90°

Herringbone 30° o 45°

Planed effect with machine

Hand-planed effect

Prefinished suitable for floating installation

Prefinished suitable for glue installation

Prefinished with thermal treatment

Prefinished with planks having multiple width for irregular installation