Classification rules

Criteria for choosing wood

Classification rules

We believe that the traditional classification marks: circle, triangle, and square, described in the standard 13489 – wooden and parquet floors, multi-layer parquet elements – do not depict the evolution of the market and do not consider the physiological limitations of plants. For this reason, Tecnik Wood has decided to suggest talking of grades instead: AB, C and RR, all falling within the free classes.

The free class covers any classification the manufacturer wishes to offer; the proportions or limits of the characteristics must be specifically indicated in the accompanying documentation and declared in accordance with the standard table.

It should be noted that free class does not mean that the producer is “free” to use any wood supply he likes or is more convenient to them; it is rather a way to name grades freely, provided that their parameters must be detailed and remain constant over time.

It is important to remember that standard 13489 provides that, considering the inevitable differences in classification, 3% of the elements in a lot can be of other classes. Any additional elements of other classes are permitted as long as the overall impression of the floor is not disturbed.




C GRADE (Rustic)


RR GRADE (very Rustic)