Silver Defense – Sanitizing barrier. An old story

Silver ions, in contact with a wide spectrum of microbes and bacteria, prevent their growth and reproduction.

Already ancient peoples, while unaware of the underlying chemical principles, made extensive use of silver, in maintenance, purification and healing activities.
The Egyptians used silver containers to store water.
The Phoenicians carried vinegar and wine in silver vessels. Among the Romans, it was not uncommon to treat skin ulcers by affixing silver objects. Beginning in the 1300s, the Catholic Church, to ward off the spread of disease among priests and faithful, imposed silver chalices and basins in the Eucharistic liturgy.
More recently, in 1884, German physician F. Crade eradicated the disease that caused blindness in generations of infants through a drug whose efficacy was linked to the active ingredient silver.
Hence Renner Italia’s new Silver Defence technology, allow for the declination of age-old efficacy in two additive products that meet the most modern needs of hygiene-sensitive environments.
More specifically, the bacterial population exposed to silver ions is reduced by 99.9 percent in as little as 24 hours, as documented by tests conducted at the Catas laboratory in San Giovanni al Natisone, under the restrictive JIS Z 2801:2006 standard.
The sanitizing characteristics of Silver Defence additives endure over time: from mixing with the finish throughout the life of the coating, and thus in both liquid and solid states.
In addition, these microparticles cannot be removed when cleaning the woodwork. At the same time, the powerful Silver Defence additives do not alter the characteristics of paints: they pose no health hazards and are suitable for food contact.
Ideal for environments with high hygiene standards such as dental offices, restaurants, bakeries, swimming pools, saunas, children’s rooms, bathrooms, etc., Silver Defence additives do not alter the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the range offered by Tecnik Wood.

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