Italian wood floors manufacturer

Tecnik Wood uses modem production equipment which ranges from the production of hardwood and prepa­ration of the support layer through to finishing and packing operations.

In arder to guarantee consistency in the quality of our products, at Tecnik Wood we pride ourselves in cutting and drying the hardwood ourselves using modem tech­niques to reduce excess moisture while respecting the natural rhythms dictated by the nature of wood.

The individuai layers which make up the finished pro­ducts are carefully prepared before the application of the glue. This preparation is carried out meticulously using dedicated assembly lines that use numerical control machines of the latest generation.

Assembling the various layers is carried out using polyurethane and vinyl glues to ensure our products comply with the strictest international standards.

All the operations of moving and transferring the pieces into the various production lines are done by modem robot technology, which means that the operator is only
responsible far quality contro!.

Tecnik Wood boasts a range of finishes with UV lac­quers to guarantee a high-quality protective film which makes it hard-wearing and prevents staining.

We use sophisticated laboratory equipment, along with the impressive number of safety standards that the wood flooring industry abides by, to constantly check the raw materials as we/1 as of the finished products. This is why we consistently provide superior quality standards time after time.


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